De’Longhi espresso machine review

When you have to buy the kitchen appliances, nothing can be better than the products by De’Longhi. They have the high-quality appliances that are durable and affordable. The machines are designed by keeping the requirements of their customers under consideration.

De’Longhi espresso machine has been setting the standards high for the competitors due to their remarkable features and ease of usability. When you will get the machine in your home you will know you made the right choice.

Espresso machine review

After reviewing several De’Longhi espresso machines we came to the following reasons of why you should buy it:

  • It will give you the best customized coffee experience
  • The machine will quickly brew the coffee and it is very easy to maintain and clean
  • Looks great on the countertop as it has a compact and attractive design
  • There are programmable features that you can select
  • Equipped with the burr grinder
  • The items comes with 1 year warranty
  • The device is easy to understand and use


Coffee machine reviews

There is a variety of De’Longhi espresso machines available in the market. The selection might get tough for you. Here we have the espresso and cappuccino machine review that will help you select the best one.



1-EC 155

It will give you a versatile experience when you are ready to make the finest cup of coffee. The best thing about the product is that it is affordable and it has been manufactured with the latest features. There are two separate thermostats in the machine and so you will not have to check the temperature of the water ever again.

The pressure of the water, steam and brew are perfect. It has been manufactured with the stainless steel that makes the product durable.

2-15 Bar Pump ECP3420 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

With the 15 bar pump it will provide you the barista quality espresso and cappuccino. The De’Longhi espresso machine has been manufactured with the stainless steel and durable machine. It will allow you to create any drink that you like as the machine has the all in once technology.

It will amaze you with the quality of the drink that you will create even the best espresso makers say that this machine has won the stage during espresso machine review. All you have to do is simply press the button and get your cups ready for the coffee. Everything in the machine is customized. Once you set it, it will work automatically.


3-Dedica EC680M

It is the top pick among all the devices selected for coffee machine reviews. It has the boot up time for less than 40 seconds and the brew time is less than 2 minutes. It is the 15 bar pump espresso machine that will provide you a smooth espresso with the narrow spaces.

  • It will easily adjust on the countertop and does not take much space.
  • You will not have to deal with the bulky machine and use the rest of the space in any way that you like.
  • The frother has been customized according to the demands of the customers and there is no flow stop that reduces the silky effect of the froth
  • There is the self-priming technology will allow the machine to get ready quickly so that when you are ready for the cup the machine will be ready as well.
  • There would be no need to wait in lines of the café anymore.

You can use the ground pods or the beans as both options are available in Dedica. The machine has the automatic cleaning system that will clean the filters that will help you to save your time.



The two in one device will allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee or espresso whatever you like. The device is perfect for families that have different requirements when it comes to coffee. It is the all in one choice and has a remarkable design.

High-quality frother has been installed in the device that will allow you to create the smooth and silky froth over your coffee whenever you want that special treatment. It has been equipped with the latest features and the best one is no time wait and the double boiler system. It will allow you to make the perfect cup within seconds. You will be able to enjoy the high-grade grinds and it is very easy to clean. There are bells and whistles to let you know when your coffee is ready.


Bottom line

It is important that you select the De’Longhi espresso machine that will meet your requirements in the best possible way. Keep your budget under consideration so you will select the right item. It is the time that you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.