Coffee machines have become a necessity for big families that have to deal with guests very often. On the other hand, office employees also require coffee and so it is important that there is a machine in the commercial buildings. For such requirements, individuals often look for the machine that is expensive with the latest features because everyone has a different requirement for the morning cup.

We have selected the top 5 coffee makers for you under $200 that will perfectly meet your demands so you can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

1-Breville ESP8XL

It is the best machine that you will get in the market. It has been manufactured with stainless steel body that makes it highly durable and long lasting. The 15 bar thermablock pump will allow you to prepare coffee with a smooth consistency. The water tank of the Breville ESP8XL can be easily filled and you can remove the grid and drip tray for cleaning.

  • It has been equipped with the frothing jug
  • The Breville ESP8XL is very easy to operate and understand
  • It has a cup warming plate, froth enhancer and a dual filter system to create the smooth crème
  • All the required accessories are available the product

Comes with 1-year warranty

2-DeLonghi EC702

Despite the expensive rates, people are in love with this machine. They love the fact that it lasts longer and has the best features. It has been manufactured with stainless steel exterior and there is an interior light included to check whether the machine is clean or not. Many other high-tech features are available in the device that makes it easy to use.


  • EC702 has the pump driven technology with 15 bars
  • The self-primes can be automatically adjusted
  • There is a convenient panted filter holder that will allow you to use coffee pods or the grounded coffee
  • With the help of easy to use frothier, you can easily prepare different types of lattes
  • The water tank has the capacity of 1.4 liters and it is removable

3- OXO On Barista Brain

It is a recently introduced coffee maker that has grabbed the attention of the public due to its amazing features. The best thing about the product is the attractive design that would allow you to keep it anywhere you like. This coffee machine has the capacity to prepare 9 cups anytime you want.


  • The pour over method and brew cycle is replicated by the microprocessor that will help to produce 2 to 9 cups of coffee
  • It can easily reach the temperature 197.6 to 204.8 degrees F that will keep the water warm and your coffee will never get cold
  • There is rainmaker showerhead included in the machine that will disperse the water perfectly over the coffee grounds. It will lead to complete extraction of flavor and uniform saturation
  • There is a freshness indicator and the LED interface feature that will let you know the present status of the machine
  • With the 24 hour starter time you can use the single dial to program the number of cups you want

4-Delonghi EC680M

The main attraction of this product is the sleek design that would make you grab it as soon as you see it. It has been equipped with the thermablock pumps that would allow you to have full flavor extractions. If it is in your budget EC680M is the best choice.


  • It will only take 6-inch space in your kitchen
  • Within 40 seconds the machine will perfectly heat up to the temperature that you require
  • For Barista quality foam, the frothing system is available in the device
  • The flow stop is automatic
  • It has been manufactured with stainless steel frame for extra durability.

5- Nespresso VertuoPlus

It might be a little expensive but the quality of coffee you will get from VertuoPlus will set the highest standards. The Titan Deluxe has all the features that you have always dreamed about.


  • 1 button operation makes it very convenient and simple to use
  • Takes only 15 to 20 seconds to heat up
  • Equipped with descaling alert
  • Different cup size are available and automatically shuts off after 9 minutes

Final verdict

While testing the coffee maker it is essential that you check whether it uses grounded coffee, coffee beans or pods. Wisely take the decision because it would be your one-time investment. The quality and performance you will get from expensive products are not available in the affordable ones. Pay attention towards the features of the products so that you will get the best results. With your coffee machine, you will never miss that morning cup.