As organizations noticed that their workers are not able to perform without the perfect cup of coffee, they arranged the office coffee machines in the commercial buildings. It helped them to save time and the employees got the chance to save money and reach the office on time.

It has helped organizations to increase the efficiency and productivity. However, the real issue arises when they have to select between the bean and the instant machines.

Instant vs Bean

The instant and the bean are the most famous types of office coffee machines. Here we have a few differences between both of the machines that will allow you to select the best commercial coffee machine.

Cost difference

Most of the time we consider the cost of the machine but forget to pay attention towards the rate of raw product that we would have to buy for making coffee. If you select the bean office coffee machine then the cheapest beans that you will get from the market costs $160 that would make up to $1.60 per cup.

The most expensive type of beans will cost up to $450. On the other hand, the cheapest instant coffee powder will cost you $50 and the most expensive one is available $550. So, in this case, instant is a better choice.

Vending speed

In case that you want the machine that will quickly prepare the coffee, the instant machine will be the best choice. Within 10 seconds your cup of coffee will be prepared while the bean machine will take up to 23 seconds.

Difference of taste

When you have to consider the taste then nothing can be compared with the quality that you will get from the bean office coffee machine. The instant coffee is often pre-brewed and so most of the flavor of the product is lost. It will soon lose oils and that will completely destroy the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

  • If you were a beginner then you would prefer the instant as it is less harsh
  • The intense beans provide the real flavor of the coffee
  • Select the one you are most comfortable with

Services and maintenance

One of the most important things that you have to consider while buying the product is the cleaning requirements and the maintenance. You have to take care of the brewing and grinder units. You have to select the machine that is easy to clean so that the worker will not have to wait extra long for this process. There is no grinder in the instant machine and so it is easier to utilize.

You have to keep in mind that the vending machine will require continuous cleaning so that the taste of the coffee will not be destroyed. It will only take you 30 seconds to clean the instant vending machine.


All the instant coffee machine has to do is pass the water and coffee so they do not make any kind of noise. Whereas the bean coffee machine will have to grind the beans and so a lot of noise will be made. If there is a special café or an extra room, then having a bean machine will be the right choice. Otherwise instant is better as the employees don’t want to be disturbed.


Offices for instant coffee machine

In case you are planning to use the instant coffee machine here is the list of commercial environments that are perfect for it:

  • Training Center
  • Office
  • Factories
  • Boardrooms

All such places require quiet so that the students and the employees can focus on the work that has been given to them.

Office for bean coffee machine

Bean coffee machine will make some noise so the commercial places ideal for it are:

  • Petrol station
  • Canteen
  • Offices

Bottom line

You have to keep in mind that not only the noise but also the availability of the raw material is also important while selecting the machine. In the centers and some of the offices, it is hard to deliver the milk and the beans so the instant is the best solution for them as it is affordable and easily available.

Areas like petrol stations have the canteens and shops with them from where people can easily have the beans and other things they would like to add to the coffee.

When you are ready to select from the coffee machines for sale, ensure to buy the one that meets your requirements and budget. It is important that you ask the employees about their preference of coffee as it will also play an important role in the selection of the cup. Allow your employees to have a few cups if their working hours are long so that they will maintain their stamina and energy.