Coffee machines are working as a blessing for the coffee lovers. They have made it easy for them to maintain their budget by avoiding expensive coffee cups from the cafes. However, selection often gets tough for them.

DCC-1200 has grabbed the attention of the customers. It is a versatile product that is available in different shades and has some of the best features.



It has been manufactured with scratch resistant plates and comes with three different temperature settings. Simply program the device and it will work on the same settings every time you want a cup of coffee. You can even prepare only 1 to 4 cups if you like.

It can even be programmed to prepare the coffee 24 hours before your time and the product will automatically shutdown.

No noise

The biggest attraction of the DCC-1200 is that it will provide you with a noise free coffee production. You can control the temperature of the device anytime that you like. If you keep it on lower heat, the taste of the coffee will last longer.

Fresh coffee

When you are making a new cup of coffee, you will not have to worry about any impurities, as it will pass the water through a charcoal water filter. There is a flip top cover and the reservoir is deep. When the steam is building up the lid of the carafe will remain sealed.

Coffee alert

With the help of coffee alert technology, the device will not get confused with other appliances available in your kitchen. Within 12 minutes, your coffee will be ready. The device has been designed with a special technology that will prevent the loss of temperature.


An automatic cleaning indicator will let you know when you should clean the brewing machine. The carafe is dishwasher safe and you can rub the lid and other parts with mild soap and damp cloth. It means that your coffee machine will always remain clean and that will help extend its life.


  • The carafe is large and you can prepare 12 cups
  • While pouring it does not drip
  • No need to worry about spilling the coffee on the controls as they are located above the carafe and not below
  • To warm the platter there are three temperature settings
  • With safety bypass, you can open the lid even when the machine is brewing
  • Equipped with water filter and reusable gold filter


  • The carafe lid is hard so you might find it difficult to remove
  • There is room for improvement in the programmable features
  • Capacity of the product is not very appreciable

Bottom line

DCC-1200 is one of the high tech and latest coffee machine. With amazing specifications and control options, the device will make it easy for you to prepare different types of coffee with perfection. Every cup will taste better than the previous one and the coffee machine will never disappoint you.